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Animethon was super fun! this is my first time at animethon, so it was confusing learning where everything was. The first day me and my sister where just figuring some stuff out, I found my shizuo to my Izaya, she chased me it was fun. ^ ^
we went to see a AMV contest and that was funny and awesome! we then hanged around for a bit and went to the venders. I bought a lot of posters and also one for my friend who couldn't come, sadly :/
At the venders I saw this fucking awesome Shizuo big pillow and I was like. "I want!" but I didn't get it, and said I'll buy it tomorrow i was a fool indeed.
Then we went to the masquerade ball at the end, i was late, my sister and I, were out of place because we didn't bring fancy dancing clothing or whatever, but we still went and dance together, sometimes I would dance alone with myself as a joke XD, but the a guy came up to my and said why you dancing alone? I said "I love myself to much to dance with anyone," I said as a joke. and he asked me for a dance. "He probably felt bad for me XD.
and that was day one!

Day 2.
The next day it was super busy~ there were a hell lot of people, and awesome cosplays of course. "I was Izaya for all three days by the way XD I wish I had another cosplay with me at the time."
but anyway. My sister and I went to a cosplay contest. there were a lot of awesome skits and cosplays it was a lot of fun. we want to the venders once again so I could maybe buy my shizuo Pillow... It wasn't there anymore!!! I got really sad and I was like shit I should have bought it yesterday. to bad for me.. though I did get a shizuo key chain for fun that was cute.
Then we just walked around not knowing what to do we were waiting for the An cafe concert, so we were bored.. we talked to the shizuo cosplayer she was cosplaying something else though. she was really funny with her friend Matt, oh yeah her name was Dean. they were pretty cool. ^ ^ We went off to eat, and then came back outside again. I really wanted to meet people, make friends, and socialize, so I collected my courage, and went up to these to ransom girls. who were amazing cosplayers and talked.
I sat down with them with my sister and we talked for two hours or so we became friends Their names were Zoe and Eirn, They were super funny and great at pick up lines. "I have a thing for bad pick up lines." we took selfies with them and when the time was near we said our goodbyes for the day, making plans with them to hang out with them the next day. and my sister and I went of to see ancafe!! I love an cafe for two years. And my sister would always make jokes like what if they came to Canada? I would always say that will never happen. but years later they did! they played all of our favorite songs the old ones, and I sang my little heart out I bought one of there new albums for the heck of it. we could of gotten it signed but I was to lazy to stand in line.. After we went to the dance party thing that was also really freaking fun. we didn't stay that long and decided to go.. that was day two!!

Day 3. last day. :(

The last day we just hanged out with those friends that we made the other day. we talked for a long time and then went to a water park sort of thing, with our cosplays XD we where just wearing our binders, and pants at this point, well not my sister she was wearing a dress. It was great fun we just acted like nerds. When we walked back we heard music coming form a church. the doors where open and hguy was sing and stuff. and we went in ans started danceing with cosplays on. and ran away when the stopped and looked at use. we walk back and these guys asked use what was going on, and why everyone is dressed up?
We replied with. "it's a festival celebrating the dead, and walked off XD. oh the lies... We made plans of cosplays that we are all going to do together at otafest, and we gave each other out phone numbers and facebooks to chat until that day. Yeah they live in Edmonton we don't :(. anyways we hanged out outside once again until it turned five pm and we had to go we sad goodbye to out new friends.. It was really fun!! animethon~ I hope to go next year as well ^ ^
I got a lot of picture taken of me and so did my sister. I was honored.. ^ ^ till next time..   


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Mira H
Artist | Film & Animation
Hello~ I am Mira, I am a cosplayer and fanfiction specialist, Anime is my kind of thing, and I go to anime conventions. I live in Canada, but i was born in Germany and can speak it fluently. I hope to be a voice actor one day..

Kaworu Nagisa is my bae


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